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We encourage and resource people and organisations, who are creating a better world, to thrive - body, mind and spirit. 

Our values are to Thrive, to have Passion, to be Courageous, to be Compassionate and Pamoja (Kiswahili for Together.)


We work alongside organisations to review, develop and enhance staff care frameworks.

Our vision is to create sustainable staff care practices, that are lived out in practice, creating a culture where people can flourish.

We can provide consultancy services in person, remotely and travel to field programmes. We are currently able to offer services in Arabic, French, Spanish, English and Kiswahili.

To enquire about our consultancy and how we might be able to support you, get in touch to schedule a meeting.


Growth is more than a one-time learning opportunity, it is an ongoing journey.

We want to be a part of that journey with you. We want to understand your needs so that we can work alongside you to develop bespoke programmes that build your organizational capacity, create resilience among your teams, and equip your organization to respond well in complex situations.

We can provide learning in person and online. We are currently able to offer learning in Arabic, French, English, Spanish and Kiswahili.

To enquire about our learning programmes and how we might be able to support you get in touch to schedule a meeting.


Our clinical services are underpinned by our philosophy of holistic care: we believe that for people to thrive, they need to be well in body, mind and spirit.

We have defined our services as medical, occupational health and psychological, but our holistic philosophy underpins all our consultations and interactions with clients. 

To learn more about our clinical services get in touch to schedule a meeting.

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Mission Agencies
Mission Agencies
Consultancy Firms/Corporates
Consultancy Firms/Corporates
Volunteer, GAP & Expedition
Volunteer, GAP & Expedition

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We would love to meet with you to understand your organisation and staff care needs.
We will work alongside you to develop a tailored staff care plan and provide specialised clinical support and training to your people. Book a meeting with our team today!

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Ebola DRC

Ebola is a disease that causes a significant amount of fear. It is important to replace fear of the unknown with accurate knowledge about how to prevent and treat the disease.



Managing Sexual Violence against Aid Workers

An excellent resource produced by European Interagency Security Form (EISF). Managing Sexual Violence against Aid Workers aims to support aid agencies in preventing, being prepared for and responding to incidents of sexual violence against their staff. 

Depression Humanitarian Aid Counselling

All of us have times in our lives when we feel low.  Feeling sad or drained is a normal part of life.  Depression, like most mental health conditions falls along a spectrum, but is different than normal grief or sadness.  How can we recognize when we’ve tipped into a more damaging type of depression requiring adjustment and support? Fortunately, depression is treatable.


  • Family Liaison in a Crisis

    In the event that your employees are involved in a crisis, and cannot speak for themselves, being prepared to speak with families is an essential responsibility of any organisation.

  • New Event

    New Event

  • Psychological First Aid

    Psychological First Aid is an evidence-informed support framework for assisting staff, colleagues and team members in the aftermath of a crisis, disaster, critical incident or terrorism event.

    PFA is a way to provide emotional support to people of any age or background in order to reduce the initial distress caused by the critical event and to foster short and long-term adaptive functioning and coping.

  • Sexual Violence Management

    The Sexual Violence Management training will take a comprehensive look at how your organisation can address sexual violence incidents against staff both in and outside of the workplace. The goal of this training is to equip managers, safeguarding officers, and HR with the tools needed to effectively prevent and respond to sexual violence incidents. The training will include psychological, medical, and organisational health elements in order to understand how to best care for the survivor while maintaining your organisation’s policies and procedures.

  • Self-care when working with traumatic material

    We often underestimate how the stories of others can affect our own resilience. The particularly consistent and bleak nature of the stories heard in communication roles can become overwhelming over time. The risk of vicarious trauma for these individuals is high. Unfortunately, faulty coping mechanisms are often used to distract or protect against the information creating cynicism, addictive behaviors, and burnout.

  • "Thrive Worldwide took the time to understand our people and systems and spoke to all levels of our organization. Ben was very responsive and the final report he delivered gave us unique insight into the gaps that we need to address, as well as our strengths as an organization.”

    Shabnam Mojtahedi
    Syria Justice and Accountability Centre
  • "We became involved with the team at Thrive through a crisis that affected our entire office. They not only responded quickly to our concerns, they also led us through the response with care and concern. Our organisation grew immensely through that time- due largely to the work of Thrive Worldwide."

    Mission Agency
    Member Care Director
  • "When I have a staff member I am worried about, I don't even have to think twice - I refer them to Thrive Worldwide with confidence that they will get the highest standard of care possible."

    Humanitarian INGO
    HR manager


We enjoy delivering exceptional service for the people and organisations we work with. This is what some of our clients have to say about working with us. 


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