Worried about accessing medicine at the moment? In this video, LEANNE, GRAHAM and MATT from Thrive share some ideas for responding to the challenge of getting repeat prescriptions and medication refills during the Coronavirus pandemic. Don't have time to watch the video? Read the tips below.



  1. Be prepared. If you're about a month away from the end of your prescription and you think there may well be a problem, then start enquiring with your doctor, pharmacist or other support like from Thrive, to get advice on what to do. That's the key one.
  2. Get advice. Some medication you can do without, but others - if you stop them - you may have some nasty side effects. professional advice will hello you understand what your options are.
  3. Try to get hold of enough - and a bit extra - whilst there is a little bit of uncertainty about supplies. 
  4. Anxiety about these things is understandable. It's helpful to remind yourself of your normal coping strategies - what do you normally do to try and dampen down symptoms of anxiety or depression?
  5. Reach out to friends early on. Not when the pills have actually run out, but before that. Let one or two trusted people know what's going on so they can look out for you.
  6. Ask your doctor or pharmacist what symptoms you can expect to experience if you do run out of medication. Knowing this can be helpful.
  7. If you have a more serious condition (e.g. bipolar) be aware of the triggers for those conditions - what triggers them and what can you do to reduce the possibility of them occurring?
  8. And finally, be aware of your risk plan - if you've got these sorts of conditions then you know roughly what to look out for in terms of triggers, early warning signs and mitigations, and what to do in each of those circumstances. And again, get support from friends, family and professionals if they're available. At Thrive, we can help with that too.


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