We're offering a new training... In this blog, our Staff Care Consultant BEN PORTER explains why 'Mental Health for Managers' is important. Email us info@thrive-worldwide.org for further information.


Good mental health is linked to high quality work, innovation, creativity, and a healthy workplace.  Evidence shows that basic mental health awareness and planning leads to a decrease in sick leave, workplace accidents, presenteeism, burnout and turnover.  This training is aimed at supporting managers in the humanitarian and development organisations in understanding and supporting staff that may be experiencing mental health issues particularly when travelling, working cross culturally or in high risk environments.  

Managers have a significant influence on their staff’s wellbeing, for better or for worse.  Managers have daily, first-hand experience of their staff and often know their staff quite well. The environment that a manager produces and the individual engagement with staff is known to bolster or weaken psychological wellbeing.  If people who are experiencing the early symptoms of mental ill health feel able to talk about them – particularly in the workplace – it helps prevent the problem escalating into a full-blown crisis. (MHFA England) At the same time, managers are often under significant stress and need to look after their own wellbeing, which is why the training concludes with strategies and action-planning for maintaining personal wellbeing.

The training presents a practical framework called RESPECT to help managers think through and take appropriate action when working with a staff person who is experiencing mental ill health


  1. To understand the basics of mental ill health

  2. To recognize when a staff person may need support

  3. To feel comfortable providing support and knowing how and when to signpost for additional support using the RESPECT model.

  4. To know a manager’s role in supporting a staff person’s return to work

  5. To explore strategies for self care generally and particularly for managers.

Who is it for, and why is it different?

This training is designed for managers and human resource staff in the humanitarian and international development sector.  The training presents and grapples with issues relevant to HQ offices in the UK including: disability legislation, frequent travellers, culture shock, exposure to traumatic circumstances, and remote management considerations.  

Designed by mental health and organisational health practitioners with experience in the aid and development sector, this training acknowledges the complexities of working across time zones, cultures, and in challenging environments.  By the end of this training, participants will have personal tools and workplace strategies for cultivating and maintaining a psychologically healthy and therefore productive team.


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