PEP guidance for humanitarian workers
| Joelle Mumley | Blog

There are many risks associated with working in remote regions or conflict areas, including the fact that individuals may be days away from adequate medical facilities.

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| Jo Thompson | Health News

April 2019 updates includes health alerts in Dengue, DRC, Sri Lanka and updates on the impact of Tropical Cyclone Idai.


Dengue in Brazil:

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| Jo Thompson | Health News

March 2019 updates includes health alerts in Uzbekistan, Paraguay, DRC and Sri Lanka. We also provide an update on Zika Virus and Cyclone Idai.


redundancy breaking new support staff
| Ann Muraya | Blog

The landscape of the humanitarian sector is changing.  Restructuring in organisations is inevitable.

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| Jo Thompson | Health News

February 2019 updates includes health alerts in Philippines, DRC, Nigeria, Uganda and Jamaica. 


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| Alison Coulter | Blog

I have noticed how leadership and management are increasingly used interchangeably, but often refer to the same people, team or group within organisati

psychological mirroring effect organisational trauma humanitarian
| Graham Fawcett | Blog

Have you walked into a team and almost immediately felt stressed, calm, happy, anxious and wondered why?  Psychological mirroring is an unconscious pro

Travel - stay healthy
| Joelle Mumley | Travel Health Tips

Whether for work or pleasure, frequent travel is becoming increasingly common for most of us.

home sweet home reverse culture shock
| Joanne Elsworth | Blog

Cowering by the radiator in my mother’s home, wrapped in my large pink fluffy dressing gown, was my first experience of reverse culture shock.

| Ted Lankester | Blog

This summer I spent a few days on holiday in South Wales. Two things stood out. The first was the amazing beauty of the coastline. The second was the incredible percentage of holiday makers who were overweight.