| Nanci Hogan | Interview

Ted Lankester is one of the founding members of Thrive Worldwide as well as the Co-founder of Arukah Network.

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Organisational wide discussions around “duty of care” have gained prominence in the recent years and are increasingly becoming part of regular discourse in the humanitarian and non-profit sector.

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The first I knew about Geoff was when I was called to the Himalayan hospital, near where I was living. I found a man desperately short of breath and failing to respond to any treatment. His friends filled me in.

Graham Fawcett, Psychosocial Lead for Thrive Worldwide
| Nanci Hogan | Interview
Graham is also a consultant psychologist for East London NHS Foundation Trust in England where he has worked for the past 12 years. Prior to that he served in Youth With a Mission for 16 years where one of his roles was the provision of staff care.