Protecting your staff and beneficiaries

Safeguarding is thinking the unthinkable, and then figuring out how to reduce the probability of the unthinkable happening. It involves recognising that abuse of power can happen in any organisation. And it asks you to do the right things to help stop it.


Safeguarding is our priority at Thrive Worldwide, and we can help to make it yours. Whatever the size of your organisation, we can work with you to help mitigate the risk of safeguarding issues arising, to prepare you to respond to the unthinkable, and to create an open culture for staff to come forward. 

Why do you need to invest in safeguarding training?

To protect your staff and beneficiaries

and ensure your staff are equipped to recognise safeguarding concerns and what to do about them.

To comply with legal requirements

thereby ensuring your organisation is working to the highest standards.

To protect your organisation

from those wishing to harm others, from litigation, from reputational damage.

What services are offered

  1. Recruitment Screening Using Enhanced Psychological Assessments
  2. Case Review
  3. Training solutions
  4. Reviewing and developing organisational culture and policies
  5. Organisational safeguarding audits

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What's the cost?

Per Case

Our confidential support and expertise.

£250 per hour

Yearly Retainer

Consultancy and advisory support.

From £850 per month


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