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Wellbeing Survey

An evidenced based online employee survey for staff wellbeing

Listen First. Transformation Follows.

All good employers want their staff to thrive. That's because thriving staff lead healthier, happier lives, are more motivated, do a better job, and save their employer's money. But how do you know if your staff are thriving? We believe the answer is simple: you ask, listen, then act.

Our evidence-based Employee Wellbeing Survey enables you to listen deeply to your staff, to help you plot a path towards a healthier, more resilient and happier workforce, so that both your organisation and your staff can thrive.

Three Simple Steps



We'll spend time with you to understand your organisation's structure, values, approach and needs.



Your staff complete a short online survey, and we’ll collate the results to produce a report with findings.



Using this report, we'll develop wellbeing solutions with you so both your staff & organisation can thrive.

Survey Outcomes

  1. Increased awareness of employee wellbeing
  2. Staff feeling that they’re been heard (especially if the results are acted on)
  3. Ability to make informed decisions on where to invest in staff care 

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80 question wellbeing survey & report 

From £1700


80-question wellbeing survey, interviews, report & presentation

From £3400

Across Cultures & Languages 

We’ve conducted this survey in a variety of countries, including Kenya, Jordan, Algeria, South Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Somalia, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey. This survey is designed for global organisations with staff around the world. Contact us to learn more. 

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How do you know if your staff are thriving?

We believe the answer is simple: you ask, listen, then act. 

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