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Anyone exposed to traumatic stories and images
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We often underestimate how the stories of others can affect our own resilience. The particularly consistent and bleak nature of the stories heard in communication roles can become overwhelming over time. The risk of vicarious trauma for these individuals is high. Unfortunately, faulty coping mechanisms are often used to distract or protect against the information creating cynicism, addictive behaviors, and burnout.

However, learning to handle traumatic material with resilience can allow individuals to find the balance between connecting with difficult information while maintaining healthy boundaries. This training will help attendees be able to keep a positive outlook while still communicating the true impact of the stories heard.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Defining and identifying trauma and vicarious trauma

  • Understanding factors that increase risk of vicarious traumatization

  • Understand personal warning signs of high stress and trauma

  • Develop self care strategies to prevent harm from graphic material

  • Practice skills for growing and thriving