family liaison
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In the event that your employees are involved in a crisis, and cannot speak for themselves, being prepared to speak with families is an essential responsibility of any organisation.

Investigations in the workplace
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Workplace investigations are an opportunity to build your organisational culture. More often than not, investigations end up being a stressful experience for all parties involved.
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The Sexual Violence Management training will take a comprehensive look at how your organisation can address sexual violence incidents against staff both in and outside of the workplace.

Vicarious Trauma - Self care
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We often underestimate how the stories of others can affect our own resilience.

Safeguarding disclosures
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People are at the heart of every safeguarding case. This means a relational response is necessary, not just a technical one.

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For delegates that have attended Family Liaison in a Crisis this is a one day refresher training.

Psychological first aid, pfa
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Psychological First Aid is an evidence-informed support framework for assisting staff, colleagues and team members in the aftermath of a crisis, disaster, critical incident or terrorism e