As our London Clinic re-opens, and more of us begin to think about travelling again, we're posting this letter that our Medical Director MATT EDWARDS recently sent to some of our clients.


Dear friends,

We are writing to you with two important updates. 

London clinic 

We are reopening our medical, occupational health and travel clinics in London from Monday 6th July.  We will be taking all necessary COVID-19 precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and also our clinicians, and will only be seeing people for their physical examination, taking blood and vaccinations.  The other parts of the consultation will continue via video conferencing, so we reduce the risk of any infection transmission by shortening the face to face consultation.  

If the rate of COVID-19  infection transmission in London increases, then we may need to close the clinic again.  We hope this doesn’t happen, but we want to make you aware that the situation may potentially change.  

Travelling safely during COVID-19 pandemic

If you are planning travel for your organisation to continue your work, we recommend a thorough health risk assessment in order for people to travel safely, and for organisations to be assured that they are caring appropriately for their staff.  This may also include a COVID-19 test.  This assessment will look at factors related to COVID-19 which we know affect health and wellbeing including:  

  1. The local situation: what is the prevalence of COVID-19 infections in the destination city/region/country, the quarantine restrictions and the impact on local healthcare facilities?

  2. The role of the individual: what will their potential exposure to COVID-19 be? 

  3. An individual's non-COVID-19 health conditions: have other conditions been neglected, or new problems overlooked, during the preceding six months?

  4. Individual risks from COVID-19: does an individual have an increased risk for serious complications from a COVID-19 infection?  Whether someone is at increased risk is affected by age, gender, ethnicity, specific medical conditions and other risk factors such as weight-for-height (BMI).  

  5. Review for those who have had COVID-19: how is this person following their illness?  There are an increasing number of cases with ‘post-Covid-19 syndrome’, including pulmonary fibrosis, chronic fatigue syndrome and ongong generalised exhaustion.

  6. Psychological considerations: how is this person’s mental health and wellbeing?  They may have a mental health illness pre-dating COVID-19 which has become worse during lockdown restrictions, or experienced a significant life event which might significantly reduce resilience to the ordinary stressors faced during travel.

We want to stress that we believe it is even more important at this time to ensure those intending to travel undergo a full and comprehensive health assessment. 

For those who already had a medical with Thrive and returned to their home country during the COVID-19 outbreaks, but are now looking to return to their host country, then we recommend a virtual medical consultation with one of our doctors to review the risks of travel and returning to the role, and to answer any questions.  We can also provide a COVID-19 test if required. 

If you are unsure what service you or your staff require, or would like to discuss our services, please email us at

Dr. Matt Edwards

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