A monthly update on disease outbreaks around the world, from our lead nurse JO THOMPSON. 



  • Please download and read our Fact Sheet on Coronavirus for latest updates. 

Ebola in DRC

  • The rate of Ebola is stable with a low transmission rate.

  • Ebola began in DRC in August 2018 in the north east of the country.  As of 23 February 2020,  a total of 3444 cases have been confirmed with 2264 deaths.  Fatality rate is still 66%

  • There was 1 new case in the past week who had contact with a confirmed case

  • The risk to travellers is generally extremely low. 

  • Exit screening is in operation for travellers leaving Goma airport, DRC.

  • If you are unwell within 21 days post trip to DRC then get medical advice.  Call NHS 111 or contact your GP by telephone.  Mention that you have returned from DRC and may have a potential exposure to Ebola and include the dates and itinerary of your travel.

  • More information here.


Measles in DRC

  • The measles situation in DRC remains serious but overall situation is improving since the start in June 2019 

  • On the 20th February 2020, 20,475 suspected cases with 252 deaths and 2915 laboratory confirmed cases in 26 provinces of DRC. 

  • Children under 5 years old remain the most affected.

  • More than 18 million children have been vaccinated since the start of the measles outbreak.  

  • Travellers to DRC need to ensure that they have had 2 MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) vaccines or had the measles disease for lifelong natural immunity.  


Dengue fever in the French Antillies

  • The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has reported the continued transmission of dengue fever in the islands of the French Antilles.

  • Guadeloupe has reported 5 840 cases of dengue between October 2019 and 15 February 2020: an epidemic was declared in January 2020.

  • Saint Martin reported 530 cases (including 1 death) between the thirds week of 2020 and 15 February 2020: an epidemic was declared in January 2020.

  • Saint Barthelemy has reported 104 cases from the end of November 2019 to 15 February 2020.

  • Martinique has reported 2 470 cases (including 1 death) since July 2019 and as of 15 February 2020, 2 470 dengue cases including one death have been reported. The island is considered to be at risk of a dengue epidemic.

  • All travellers should use good bite prevention from sunrise to sunset. 

  • More information can be found here and Dengue fever. 


Rabies in pet dog in France

  • The puppy was recently brought to France (Ile de Re - an island off the west coast of France) from Spain and was found to have rabies.

  • Rabies is usually fatal, once symptoms develop.  If you have been licked on an open wound or bitten or scratched by any warm blooded animal including dog, cat, bats.  Please wash the wound and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  • More information on Rabies here.



Information from Travel Health Pro, World Health Organisation, Travax and Fit for Travel.

Compiled by Jo Thompson.