Fear and uncertainty around Covid-19 has made many people averse to getting in touch with their doctor. Consequently, people's health is being neglected. That’s why Medical Director MATT EDWARDS is sharing guidance on when you really should visit a medical professional. In this second instalment, he’s talking lumps and bumps.

Male / Female sign

It’s good to be aware of your own body: to have an idea of what’s ‘normal’, and to check on a fairly regular basis for anything that’s ‘abnormal’. This is especially true with more ‘personal’ parts of the body, like breasts or testicles. Any lumps and bumps that appear here are, of course, concerning. And though some people just ignore them hoping they’ll go away, and others might not want to bother a doctor especially at this busy time, if symptoms persist for longer than a few weeks - or it worsens - you should speak to someone. 

Below are a few ‘red flags’: warning signs of something serious, which need to be looked at by a doctor. A doctor will be able to discuss your concerns, and organise for examination or further investigation if and when necessary. Don’t ignore your health, or put it off because of the current pandemic. Act - it might save your life! 

Breast Problems

Please note, these are important for men as well as women! There are many things to consider, but the things that need reviewing by a medical professional include: 

  • Aged 30 and over, with an unexplained breast lump with or without pain 

  • Aged 50 and over, with any of the following symptoms in one nipple only: discharge (spontaneous clear or bloody); retraction (new onset); or skin changes

  • Aged 30 and over with an unexplained lump in the armpit and / or with skin changes to the breast (thickening / dimpling)

  • If you are aged under 30 with a breast lump with or without pain, then this is of less concern, but it should be reviewed if persisting longer than a month / period.

Testicle Problems

  • A non-painful enlargement or change in shape or texture of the testis . 

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