May 2019 updates includes health alerts in Thailand, DRC, Algeria, Argentina and details on Rabies.


Woman dies of Rabies:

  • The Norwegian Institute of Public Health have reported that a 24 year old woman has died of rabies after being bitten by a puppy when on holiday in the Philippines.  The woman become ill 2 months after her return from holiday and died on the 11 May 2019. She had not been vaccinated against rabies.

  • An effective rabies vaccine is available in the UK

  • All travellers going to endemic areas should be aware of the disease and avoid contact with dogs and cats (wild and domestic)

  • If you are bitten or scratched or licked on an open wound, by any warm blooded animal then wash the wound and seek medical attention immediately for your post exposure treatment.  More information here.


Zika risk in Thailand updated:

  • Public Health England have updated their guidance for Zika in Thailand after recent reports of zika in travellers.

  • Pregnant ladies are advised to postpone non-essential travel to Thailand until after pregnancy.  More information here.


Steady increase of Ebola in outbreak in DRC:

  • The WHO reports that as of the 21 May, a total of 1866 confirmed Ebola Virus disease have been reported of which 1241 have died.  A total of 105 health workers have been infected since the start of the outbreak.

  • The risk to travellers is generally extremely low. There are restrictions on travel and trade.

  • Travellers returning from this country that develop a flu-like symptoms within 3 weeks after return, should seek medical attention rapidly.

  • For more information, please read here.


Algeria and Argentina are malaria free:

  • As from 22nd May 2019, Algeria and Argentina have been given malaria free status from the World Health Organisation.

  • 38 countries are now malaria free.  More information here.

Information from Travel Health Pro, World Health Organisation, Travax and Fit for Travel and compiled by Jo Thompson.