As humanitarian aid organisations prepare and brace for the rains in Bangladesh, we encourage organisations, in what is already a stressful time, to make time to prepare staff and to be ready to respond to stress, team conflict and vicarious trauma.  Preparing your staff and putting in place support mechanisms will build your organisational resilience. Your staff need to be equipped to equip others.

Some proactive suggestions include:

  • Create an informed trauma workforce - Hold staff workshops on vicarious trauma

  • Equip managers with skills to recognise and respond to stress

  • Make sure team leaders are adequately trained in collaborative forms of leadership

  • Clear roles and responsibilities for all team members with regular feedback from line managers

  • Hold regular team meetings to keep everyone focused on the purposes and to share key updates

  • Communicate existing support available for staff such as peer support, how to access their Employee Assistance Program, psychosocial support and health insurance.

  • Ensuring all staff have the ability to take small breaks and adequate rest too

  • Training and equipping the staff on how to build their personal resilience in the midst of stress


Thrive services available in Bangladesh

Psychosocial support: Counselling for individuals | Counselling for couples | Counselling for groups | Trauma Counselling | Psychological First Aid

Training: Stress Management | Vicarious Trauma | Resilience building | Psychological First Aid | Working with Traumatized Populations and more.


Meet Joanne Elsworth

Joanne is a trained Dramatherapist from the University of Derby, United Kingdom. She is accredited with the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADTH) and registered with The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Dramatherapy utilises the healing aspects of drama and theatre to facilitate the therapeutic process. It is a method of working and playing that uses action methods to facilitate creativity, imagination, learning, insight and growth.

Joanne Elsworth
Image:Joanne Elsworth

Joanne employs a psychodynamic approach to her work, using the expressive arts and creative models alongside more traditional cognitive debriefing tools and active listening to remain person centred. Joanne offers solution focussed therapy as well as longer term support for groups and individuals.

Joanne has experience of working with displaced populations, street children, staff care, community outreach, Christian ministry, mainstream and special schools, humanitarian agencies and volunteer organisations. Recently certified in psychosocial support for displaced populations with a focus on staff care, Joanne is able to link her practice as a therapist to the specific needs of humanitarian workers and the populations they serve.

Joanne has delivered workshops for aid workers of varied experience. Her workshops accommodate cross-cultural audiences demonstrated in South Sudan, Greece, Thailand and the Philippines. Workshops range from self-care in the ‘helping’ profession, impact of trauma on displaced populations, active listening, setting boundaries and psychosocial first aid.


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