Ebola in DRC
| Jo Thompson | Health News

The Ministry of Health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, WHO and partners are responding to an Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak since 1 August 2018, with the epicentre being Mangina town in Mabalako Health Zone, North Kivu Provi

Connecting with peers
| Ben Porter | Blog

“I have been part of very effective peer support programmes and enjoyed my peer support role.  In this programme [different organisation] it’s not working.

| Erin Rotich | Blog

My first interaction with someone who performed the duties of a family liaison was in 1999.

| Jo Thompson | Travel Health Tips


Look at a spider’s web. Intricately built, maintained on a daily or hourly basis.
| John Fawcett | Guest Blog

The Syrian woman inside the tent at Al Zataari camp in northern Jordan was essentially alone. She held her two-year-old daughter in her arms but her husband, her parents, three sons and most of family were gone.

| Graham Fawcett | Blog

‘How can I help?’ I asked the po-faced Detective Inspector.  ‘You can start’, she said, ‘with the names, addresses and dates of birth of everyone in your agency’.

| Joanne Elsworth | Blog

In August 2017, violence erupted in Rakhine State in Myanmar, targeting the Rohingya people, a stateless Muslim minority. Almost a million  people fled to Bangladesh and are now living in temporary shelters around Cox’s Bazar.

| Whitney Fry | Guest Blog

Over a decade of working in emergency relief in nine countries left me discouraged, hopeless and cynical. I had seen the effects of war, managed crises and experienced abuses of power.

| Leanne Kennedy | Article

As humanitarian aid organisations prepare and brace for the rains in Bangladesh, we encourage organisations, in what is already a stressful time, to make time to prepare staff and to be ready to respond to stre

| Leanne Kennedy | Blog

Following the #metoo, and subsequent #aidtoo campaign and sexual exploitation abuse within NGO’s, there is pressure on organisations, and the sector as whole, to do better.