home sweet home reverse culture shock
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Cowering by the radiator in my mother’s home, wrapped in my large pink fluffy dressing gown, was my first experience of reverse culture shock.

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This summer I spent a few days on holiday in South Wales. Two things stood out. The first was the amazing beauty of the coastline. The second was the incredible percentage of holiday makers who were overweight.

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World Mental Health Day is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.

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My background includes having training/accreditations in life coaching, counselling and psy

Ebola in DRC
| Jo Thompson | Health News

The Ministry of Health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, WHO and partners are responding to an Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak since 1 August 2018, with the epicentre being Mangina town in Mabalako Health Zone, North Kivu Provi

Connecting with peers
| Ben Porter | Blog

“I have been part of very effective peer support programmes and enjoyed my peer support role.  In this programme [different organisation] it’s not working.

| Erin Rotich | Blog

My first interaction with someone who performed the duties of a family liaison was in 1999.

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Look at a spider’s web. Intricately built, maintained on a daily or hourly basis.
| John Fawcett | Guest Blog

The Syrian woman inside the tent at Al Zataari camp in northern Jordan was essentially alone. She held her two-year-old daughter in her arms but her husband, her parents, three sons and most of family were gone.

| Graham Fawcett | Blog

‘How can I help?’ I asked the po-faced Detective Inspector.  ‘You can start’, she said, ‘with the names, addresses and dates of birth of everyone in your agency’.