Leadership, management or both?

I have noticed how leadership and management are increasingly used interchangeably, but often refer to the same people, team or group within organisations.  Some organisations use the term leadership, and will have a Senior Leadership Team, or a Leadership Team.  Others some will talk about management, and may have an Executive Management Team, or talk about managers within the organisation.  I have heard ‘management’ used in a derogatory or negative way in some organisations, and in others, ‘lea

Thriving leaders and teams creating thriving organisations

I am still inspired by my first boss, Jenny.  One thing that I remember about her was that she made tea most mornings for our departmental cleaning lady, Vicky.  About 10.30, Jenny’s voice would ring out in the department: ‘Vicky, your tea’s ready!’  And that still inspires me: every member of our team valued, no-one too important to help out, willing to serve one another, caring, but also focused on achieving together.  Jenny was kind, but she was not a soft touch – she got in early, she worked hard, she challenged us when our work and attitude were not good enough.

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