Through our medical and psychological health services, we will care for you and your team in body, mind and spirit.

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Thrive Worldwide offers a range of medical services. 

  • Pre-deployment medicals are offered to assess whether an individual is medically fit for the specific role they are to undertake in a defined part of the world. Sending organisations are provided with a Health Clearance Certificate and a medical report is sent to the individual. 
  • Mid-term review medicals are offered for those we are part way through a period of serving overseas; we provide a summary medical report for the organisation and the individual.
  • End of assignment medicals are offered at the end of a term of service, with similar reporting arrangements. . 
  • Specialist medical consultation - either face to face or remote.  Many of our clients have staff working in locations that have little or poor health facilities available. We offer a remote health support package for your staff in this situation, which includes a remote or face to face consultation in medical emergencies, management of chronic health conditions and advice and  support during illness. This service can be provided via technology, or via  email. 

These services can currently be provided face to face in London, and we are exploring other locations in the UK. We are looking to launch our Nairobi clinic later this year.   We can also offer tele-medicine  consultations when appropriate, 6am to 5pm GMT Monday to Friday. 

We offer short term screening for volunteers, GAP and expedition organisations. This is a self declaration form which is then screened by a member of our nursing team. As necessary we will triage to our medical doctors and/or psychologists for assessment.  The organisation will receive confirmation that the individual is fit to travel or not.  


Thrive Worldwide offers a range of psycho-social services rooted in evidence based approaches.

  • Pre-assignment screening: to ensure that staff are psychologically fit for their role and to identify any mitigations they or their organisation may need to consider.  

  • Mid and post assignment support: as appropriate, to review and support clients during or post deployment as they adapt to new cultures, either abroad or returning home.  

  • Counselling: we offer ongoing counselling and support for clients.  This can either be delivered face to face in London or Nairobi currently, or via technology remotely anywhere.

  • Short Term Screening: for short term volunteers deploying with established organisations to a structured placement , we and provide advice for those volunteers with pre existing mental health conditions.

  • Psychological First Aid and Trauma Counselling: should things go wrong we provide early organisational support, psychological first aid plus individual or group counselling where symptoms of trauma or other distress are persisting for more than a month.

  • Organisational Stress Management : we are developing protocols which will assure organisations that staff have good internal emotional support and provide advice for how to improve staff care and support.

Occupational Health

Our UK Occupational Health Service helps employers promote and maintain the health and well-being of employees in the workplace.

Our services include:

  • Work Health Assessments for new joiners - confirming a person is fit for role and recommending any adjustments in the workplace
  • Occupational Health assessments – Helping determine the best action where there are employee health concerns
  • Ill health Retirement Assessment – Recommending the right action where an employee’s health may result in an early pension
  • Christian Ministry Health review – full medical check with guidance for the individual on advice on keeping resilient and healthy  
  • Workplace assessments and Well-being workplace events

We provide a range of ways of accessing our service including face-to-face, on-line and telephone consultations.