We can work with you online or in-person to review, develop and enhance your staff care practices, and create a culture where people thrive.

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Staff Care Audits

Based on standards and guidelines developed for the international relief and development sector, Thrive will work collaboratively with your HR or staff care team to conduct a staff care audit in identifying strengths and gaps in your service provision to staff (both national and international), volunteers, consultants, and interns.  We will then analyze the results and present the findings to the team or individual who is responsible for staff care in your organisation. The audit will highlight general dynamics of staff care. Additionally, we can provide case-by-case examination for you for specific target groups or roles within your organisation. Further to the audit, Thrive can work with you to prioritize crucial interventions and support the process of systematizing these interventions into the employee cycle.

Crisis Management

Unfortunately, given the extremely difficult and dangerous  circumstances in which many of your team's work, crisis management in advance is an absolute must. Are you prepared for the worst? Thrive Worldwide will work alongside organisations to review staff care preparation and response plans in place to support staff. We will then work alongside organisations to consider policies, organisational culture and getting the right people trained in the right skills so that if the worst happens, you and your staff are prepared. We will work with your security provider or recommend a provider so we can look holistically at Crisis Management.

Safeguarding & Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is ubiquitous; it occurs in every culture, in all levels of society and in every country of the world. Thrive Worldwide works alongside organisations to build transparent and responsive interventions within the workplace for staff and beneficiaries.

A key starting point for safeguarding, is to work with the management team to ensure leadership buy-in and to review the organisational culture. We provide an organisation wide assessment which would include surveys, focus groups and one to one interviews, including a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations for next steps. 

Once we’ve identified the need, our services to support organisations with Safeguarding includes: training programmes, policy review, policy development, case review and enhanced psychological assessments.  

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Duty of Care

Increasingly, duty of care has become a major focus in the industry. There are many facets to Duty of Care. In particular we focus on staff wellbeing. By reviewing each touch point of the employee cycle from organisational policy, to recruitment, to exit/transition, our team will identify strengths and vulnerabilities and explore ways to mitigate common psychosocial risk factors.

We work in teams for projects, including when reviewing Duty of Care.To bring a HR and people management lens to Duty of Care we work alongside Christine Williamson (Duty of Care International).  This consultancy can be used for assessment purposes, but may also move into recommendations and implementation as well as support with program and policy development.

Wellbeing Survey

How are your staff doing? You may have heard a few reports-some good, some not so good, but what are the trends that you should  pay attention to when building relevant support for  your teams? Thrive is able to provide your staff with a provide a wellbeing survey that examines four areas of staff wellbeing: Work/Task, Personal, Interpersonal and Environment. The online survey can be sent across several country offices and can be made available in a number of languages. The  anonymous survey will reveal areas of strengths as well as areas for improvement.Thrive analyses the survey and presents findings to the organisation.  Note that participants will also  have the opportunity to communicate their perspective on how to build a more resilient organisation.

Learn more about our wellbeing survey HERE.

Bolt on: If your organisation works with graphic material or has regular contact with stories or scenes of suffering, you may consider assessing your staff’s level of secondary stress.Secondary stress has a similar impact as primary stress, and there are known ways of supporting staff dealing with secondary stress.Thrive uses the Professional Quality of Life to examine: compassion satisfaction, burn-out, and secondary stress.The 30-item online survey is self-administered and should be interpreted at the individual level.

Follow-up: Thrive can work with you to make informed decisions based on trends identified in the survey.  It may also be necessary to conduct interviews with staff, volunteers, consultants in various locations.

Organisational Health

When healthy people work in a healthy organisation, and engage in healthy relationships, their levels of productivity are optimal.  A healthy organisation seeks to align organisational culture and strategy with its core values, which inform how organisational systems and structures are designed, and the policies and procedures required to support these. The resultant environment created is one of congruence that allows people to thrive.

We work alongside organisations to provide a range of bespoke services for the development of healthy & resilient organisations.These include consulting and coaching in organisational planning, leadership development, change management and managing organisational transitions.