Psychosocial support and training now available in Bangladesh

As humanitarian aid organisations prepare and brace for the rains in Bangladesh, we encourage organisations, in what is already a stressful time, to make time to prepare staff and to be ready to respond to stress, team conflict and vicarious trauma.  Preparing your staff and putting in place support mechanisms will build your organisational resilience. Your staff need to be equipped to equip others.

Some proactive suggestions include:

Three ways to strengthen your commitment to staff wellbeing

Following the #metoo, and subsequent #aidtoo campaign and sexual exploitation abuse within NGO’s, there is pressure on organisations, and the sector as whole, to do better. Protecting beneficiaries and our staff should always be the top priority. It is why and how we exist.

At Thrive Worldwide, it has reinforced our commitment to work alongside organisations to create a healthy and safe working environment. This is imperative for staff to thrive and for organisations to fulfill their purpose.

Recruiting: Staff Health Advisor

We are excited to be recruiting for a Staff Health Advisor. 

The Staff Health Advisor's role is to give a strategic and operational lead to Thrive Worldwide’s relationship with client organisations. The Staff Health Advisor will also represent Thrive Worldwide externally at networking events and be a key liaison with new clients who are interested in Thrive’s services. The key purpose of this role is to provide support to clients in management of staff health & wellbeing and to grow our reach. 

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