An Introduction to Transdiagnostics

In the first of a new series of blogs on 'Transdiagnostics', our Director of Psychosocial Services GRAHAM FAWCETT casts a critical eye over the 'medicalisation of misery', and explores fresh understandings of why we get upset and what to do about it.

Nadia came to see me.  She came to see me because she was sad and had been diagnosed with depression. I asked her why she was sad, and she said it was because her daughter died.

The Mirroring Effect in the Humanitarian Sector

Have you walked into a team and almost immediately felt stressed, calm, happy, anxious and wondered why?  Psychological mirroring is an unconscious process whereby we act like others we are in the presence of.  Watch those who enjoy the company of each other and see how they seem to imitate each other, smile or frown as the other does so, adopt similar body postures and movements. Similarly, watch those who don’t enjoy each other’s company or are nervous about the other. You may observe a similar

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